Official Design Project Masters of Mechanical Engineering at

University of North Dakota DEDP

As a mechanical engineering major with a thermal science stem I wanted to expand my knowledge with gas turbine engines and combustion theory. It was my desire to add the final polish to my already well exposed knowledge base with everything combustible. What better way to dive into my senior year with the challenge of building a gas turbine engine out of an automotive racing turbocharger and further expand on micro power generation? Follow along as the project continues into my Masters degree program.

6/9/17- Ty Lofstrom is accepted to University of North Dakota Graduate School for his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics specializing in engine combustion projects.


5/29/17- Phase 2- FMEA Update & Regenerative Cycle Design Review

5/6/17- Phase 1A- Sensory additions, intake revision, and performance model revisions

5/5/17- Phase 1 Micro Gas Turbine MGT-01 is complete.

11/1/16- All Gas turbine project updates have been moved to our Instagram page until Phase 1 has been completed. Instagram @micro_turbine_711or Check us out at

5/20/16- Started researching the project goals, building a project outline, evaluating timeline and expenses in preps for Fall Semester.

5/17/16- Meeting and solicitation with the Gas Turbine Advisor for UND.