Project Mayhem

Complete engineered restomod build on a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro LFX V-6

Project Completion Date- Texas Heat Wave 2019 Austin Texas!

Currently -50% Complete


Project concept

This project started out with the basic tune modifications of many V6 Camaros, but shortly after winning its first car show the customer wanted to take her to another level. The Twin Turbo'd V6 hot wheels concept was born.

  • 500hp Twin Turbo Upgrade
  • Full Paint and Suspension Package
  • Custom leather interior and Audio System
front-end of camaro with LED lights.jpg

twin turbo lfx v-6 gdi engine

Currently in the fabrication phase; the LFX engine is being outfitted with two Turbonetics 5757 0.48 A/R turbos and Bell Intercoolers. Tuned through EFI Live by Ty Lofstrom, this project will be targeting 500HP.

  • Two Turbonetic Turbos and Wastegates
  • Two custom engineered Bell Intercoolers
  • EFI Live Proprietary Dyno tune


Various phases of the project have been optimized to work together from a systems approach. Every component of this project has been reviewed for compatibility and to ensure it meets the deliverables of the project objectives. The fuel system and powertrain are often overlooked when upgrading with power-adders. Project Mayhem will does include a modified fuel delivery system and billet torque converter.